Mole Removal on Face NYC New York NY

There are two ways to go about removing a tan or skin-colored mole on the face: tangential excision (shave removal) or excision with suturing. In either case the tissue should be sent in to be evaluated under the microscope. For tan or skin-colored lesions tangential excision works quite well and gives a very good result. Excision with suturing also works well. Either case will leave a scar. You can't cut the skin without leaving a scar. The idea is to leave a scar that blends in well. Frequently, tangential excision is the best option because the scar tends to blend in well. If the mole (nevus) has a lot of pigment in it, it should be excised and sutured because sometimes pigment will recur in the scar. If the lesion is suspicious for cancer, it should also be excised and sutured.